I am a gardener first and foremost.  It is the most hopeful thing a person can be or do.  As well as extremely beautiful and in equal measures...messy.  Geraniums in particular make a mess in the house but I've done my research and they are great for cleaning the air of wood smoke.  Something our cabin has an abundance of in the winter. This week I brought them inside as we await our first snow of the season.  Who knows if they'll like living inside our cabin with almost no Winter light?  I remain hopeful that they will survive and that sometime in May they and their fun containers will make their way back to the garden. 

May you have hope. -LouLou

My New Love: Dahlias


I'll admit to having had a crush on Dahlias for years....ever since I started going to Alaska in the Summer.  Some twenty years later I find myself in a full blown love affair with these gorgeous blooms.  I've never grown them but with the encouragement of my Alaska living sister they are already on the list for next year! As far as this year goes, we are in a serious drought. The well is low and the rain nearly nonexistent. The leaf peepers are going to be disapointed and even with a fire ban we are prepared for the worst. I  spend an inordinate amount of time trecking water buckets from the shower and kitchen sink as we catch water warming up for dishes and showers which would otherwise go down the drain.  The rain barrels are nearly empty and I'm actually praying for snow, which as a longtime gardener I find insane. It's just that damn stressful!  In the meantime we are still harvesting salads and enjoying these fleeting Summer days.

However your Summer is going, I hope you are enjoying  some nature and whatever is blooming in your area! -Lou Lou

And Then The Rains Came


I love floating flowers in my birdbaths.  As we live on a river, the birds don't seem to use them much but I love the way they look.  I'm down to three, one of which seems to be more of a giant flower pot than anything else.  I love repurposing everything.  In  my next post I'll be sharing some of my ideas of late and hopefully inspiring you.  Until then, happy weekend!

Boulder Blooms


I am in love with this hedge of antique roses!  I make a point of driving past this house every time I go to Boulder.  The first time I saw it I literally circled the block and parked illegally so I could take a picture.  What a joy! Sometimes you really do need to stop and smell the roses.  

Happy Summer! -Lou Lou

Thirty Years On


The end of October is a pivotal time for me.  I am closing up the garden, cleaning house for the upcoming winter,  and frankly....falling apart from exhaustion.  As I age I realize the beauty of changing seasons and taking time to rest.  I live in a high altitude mountain community where many of my neighbors run to Arizona, Texas, or Florida, upon the first hint of frost.  I don't blame them.  I used to want to emulate them. This year I really was grateful to be home and going through boxes.

 I have come to value this quiet time of the year.  Soon enough I will be shoveling snow so my beloved can get into the driveway after a 90 minute commute.  Already I am splitting kindling every few days and making a fire every morning.  It is our main heat source even though we have central heating.  In an old cabin, central heating is expensive.  I am grateful my husband is strong and can still split our three cords of wood per winter. 

As I go through my Autumn rituals and clean out cupboards and boxes, I find that no matter how old I get or how many times I move, some things just have to go along with me.  A few of the baby clothes that I made for my son Julian are included.  I only have to touch this little piece of flannel and I can smell his sweet baby smell which leads me to his whole entire life of 30 years if you include the time I got to have with him inside of me.  Which I do.  I feel very blessed these days.  

A few weeks ago, the community of Santa Rosa, California, where I lived when I first began this blog- burned to the ground.  Not the entire city or the county of Sonoma, but a very large part of it.  It was shocking to watch, even as an ex firefighter. It was even more shocking to realize how sad I was.  I always wanted to come home to Colorado but Santa Rosa and Sonoma County were very kind to me and my family.  My son and and I still have close ties there.  We have friends whose homes burned to the ground.  Something I've lived with in theory for decades but never had to personally endure.   I'm happy that one couple we love so much are relocating to Boulder, at least for the Winter.  I hope to be as welcoming to Suzanne as she was to me that cold winter night when we met at a cooking class in Santa Rosa.  

I hope we can all embrace the changes of the seasons and our lives as well as she.  Blessings to all.